SIU Systems Management

Kelley Alliance can handle every aspect of your SIU Program, from supplementing your SIU Team to fulfilling all of the SIU needs of the growing carriers who need to ensure they meet State Mandated Requirements

Many states require insurance companies to maintain a Special Investigations Unit. Kelley Alliance’s SIU team is experienced at fulfilling these state regulations, and providing thorough fraud identification and investigation.

No matter what level of SIU support you need, Kelley Alliance can help. If your in-house SIU team is over burdened with cases, you can contract Kelley Alliance’s SIU investigators to help manage your caseload. And if you’ve chosen to forego an in-house team, Kelley Alliance can provide ongoing SIU services for a fraction of the cost of establishing an in-house team. Our SIU managers and investigators are seasoned professionals and ready for the challenge of handling all of your SIU work.

When you work with Kelley Alliance for SIU systems management, you’ll have a case manager who will help you navigate your case files and decide when you need to take investigative action. If one of your claims requires investigative action, you’ll get updates on the progress of the investigation within 24 hours of each action taken. And your case manager will be there every step of the way from fraud identification to fraud referral.

Our SIU systems management team is ready to provide you with:

  • Turn-key SIU services
  • Annual SIU reporting
  • Compliance with state SIU mandates
  • Required annual state fraud reports filing
  • Require state fraud plans filing
  • Suspected fraud reports filing
  • Claims file reviews
  • Fraud identification
  • Assistance with fraud prosecution
  • Development of prosecution referrals
  • Assistance with state DIFS and state prosecutors

You can rest assured that throughout every special investigation, our agents employ the highest ethical standards to reduce your risk of bad faith. The majority of Kelley Alliance’s investigators have experience in the SIU sector of national insurance companies. They’re highly trained individuals with the skills and knowledge to handle all of your SIU work.









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