Heather D. (Attorney, Defense Firm)

EXCELLENT WORK!  Thank you VERY MUCH for this detailed report.  This is exactly what we needed.  Great Job!

Jennifer D. (Auto Carrier)

Great work… Thanks for your help this weekend on such short notice!!

Jeneice R. (Homeowner’s Carrier)

Well done guys!
Great leadership/direction on this case…
I greatly appreciate your feedback early on. Based on this information, I have already sent my referral to DIF.

Michelle C. (WC Carrier)

I sent a rush to you guys for over the weekend and was blown away with how fast and how well it was completed!!

Karen H. (Paralegal, Defense Firm)

Great job! Case settled today at Mediation. You guys ROCK!!!!

Dan S. (Auto Carrier)

Everyone appreciated your responsiveness, tell your team they are doing a great job!

David B. (Auto Carrier)

This is excellent work!!!!!

Hiroshi T. (Auto Carrier)

Thank you again for a job well done!

Joe T. (Homeowners Carrier)

You’re a real class act!

Troy W. (WC Vendor Manager)

Wonderful Kudos from the defense attorney to the investigator!

Max G. (SIU, Commercial Carrier)

Happy New Year… thanks for the great work this last year, amazing!

Bob G. (Attorney, Defense Firm)

I have known Kelley Alliance for quite a few years… they are a great go-to firm for investigations.

Tina B. (Commercial Carrier)

It’s good to know I can count on you every time.